Generic Name: Amoxicillin & Clavulanic Acid

Dosage Form: Vial

License: Generic

Category: Antibiotic

Packaging: 1 vial with 1 WFI ampoule

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Additional Information

Clavacillin  1200 mg  – Vial


Each 1200 mg vial contains :

  • Amoxicillin (as sodium): 1000 mg.
  • Clavulanic Acid (as potassium salt): 200 mg.
  • Excipients: S.Q. for one vial.


Clavacillin is indicated in the treatment of the following infections:

  • Upper respiratory tract infections: sinusitis, tonsillitis, otitis media.
  • Lower respiratory tract infections: Acute and chronic bronchitis, pneumonia, lung abscess.
  • Skin and soft tissue infections: abscess, cellulitis, wound infections.
  • Urinary tract infections: cystitis, urethritis, pyelonephritis, gonorrhoea.
  • Gynaecological infections: septic abortion, pelvic infections.
  • Bone and joint infections: osteomyelitis, septic arthritis.
  • Other infections: puerperal sepsis, intra-abdominal sepsis, septicaemia, peritonitis, post-surgical infections.
  • Surgical prophylaxis: Clavacillin IV, is indicated for surgical prophylaxis of the infections suspected in high risk procedures such as (gastrointestinal surgery, colorectal surgery, head and neck surgery, cardiac surgery, urosurgery and hepatobiliary surgery).

Dosage & Administration

Adults and children over 12 years old:

The usual dose: 1.2 gr. Clavacillin IV every 8 hours. In severe infections 1.2 gr. Clavacillin  IV every 6 hours.

Children from 3 months to 12 years old:

The usual dose : 30 mg / kg every 8 hours. In severe infections: 30 mg / kg every 6 hours.

Neonates up to 3 months old:

The usual dose in premature and newborn babies: 30 mg / kg every 12 hours, could be increased to 30 mg / kg every 8 hours afterward.

Prophylaxis dosage in adults:
  • The usual dose: 1.2 gr of Clavacillin  IV is given at induction.
  • In high contaminated procedures, another 3- 4 doses of Clavacillin IV may be required during the next 24 hours postoperatively, and these doses are usually given at induction, then after 8 hours, then 16 hours, and 24 hours from induction. This treatment may be continued for several days if infection is still suspected. The treatment could be continued afterward with the usual doses either IV or orally.
Dosage In Patients With Renal Failure:

Adults with creatinine clearance > 30ml / min :

Same dosage.

Adults with creatinine clearance 10  ــــ 30 ml / min:

1.2 gr. Clavacillin IV followed by 600  mg every 12 hours.

Adults with creatinine clearance < 10 ml / min:

1.2gr Clavacillin IV followed by 600 mg every 24 hours.

N.B.: Renal dialysis decreases plasma concentration; therefore, it would be advised to add 600 mg Clavacillin  IV at the beginning of the dialysis and another 600 mg Clavacillin  IV at the end.

*The information provided above is general in nature and for informational purposes only. It is NOT a substitute for the advice of your doctor. You must always consult your healthcare professional before starting any medication/supplementation program. 

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