Generic Name: Paracetamol

Dosage Form: Suppositories

License: Generic

Category: Analgesic, Antipyretic

Packaging: 10 Suppositories

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Additional Information

Doprane 125 mg – Suppositories


Each suppository of  Doprane 125 mg contains :

  • Paracetamol: 125 mg.
  • Excipients: S.Q. for one suppository.


Doprane suppositories are used for the treatment of mild to moderate pain and pyrexia in children:

  • Up to the age of 1 year – 60 mg suppositories.
  • Aged 1-5 years – 125 mg suppositories.
  • Aged 6-12 years – 250 mg suppositories.

Doprane  suppositories are especially useful in patients unable to take oral forms of paracetamol, e.g. post-operatively or with nausea and vomiting.

Dosage and Administration

Children 1-5 years, 1-2 suppositories:

The dosage should be based on age and weight i.e. 1 year (10 kg) the dose is 125 mg (1 suppository per dose).

5 years (20 kg) the dose is 250 mg (2 suppositories of 125 mg per dose).

Only a whole suppository should be administered – do not break suppository before administration

*The information provided above is general in nature and for informational purposes only. It is NOT a substitute for the advice of your doctor. You must always consult your healthcare professional before starting any medication/supplementation program. 

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