Dosage Form: Capsules

License: Sanofi

Category: NSAID

Packaging: 12 Capsules x 2 Blisters

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*Packaging design and product name may be different in your country.

Additional Information


Each capsule contains:

  • Ketoprofen : 50 mg.
  • Excipients: S.Q. for one capsule.


This medicine contains a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug: ketoprofen.

It is indicated for use in adults (over 15 years old) in the long-term treatment of certain cases of chronic inflammatory joint disease, and certain cases of severe osteoarthritis,

It is also indicated in the short-term treatment of:

  • certain types of inflammation around the joints (tendinitis, bursitis, acute shoulder pain).
  • certain types of joint inflammation due to crystal deposits, such as gout.
  • acute osteoarthritic pain.
  • acute lower back pain.
  • acute pain due to irritation of a nerve, such as sciatica.
  • pain and oedema due to trauma.

Dosage & Administration

The dosage depends on the indication. It varies between three to six 50 mg capsules per day, i.e. 150 to 300 mg per day.

Frequency and time of administration:
  • The capsules must be taken during a meal.
  • The daily dosage is to be divided into 2 to 3 intakes per day.

In all cases, strictly follow your doctor’s prescription.

Treatment Duration

In all cases, strictly follow your doctor’s prescription.

Management of Overdose

If you experience an overdose or accidental poisoning, stop treatment  and consult a doctor Immediately.

Management of the Event of Omission of One or Several Doses

Do not take a double dose to make up for forgotten individual doses.

*The information provided above is general in nature and for informational purposes only. It is NOT a substitute for the advice of your doctor. You must always consult your healthcare professional before starting any medication/supplementation program. 

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